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Black Mountain Redux.
The Black Mountain College paradigm, with roots in the Bauhaus and branches in a utopian ideal, was neither infallible nor oblivious, and its primary commitment was to maintaining a vital and responsive atmosphere for personal and collective growth. The shared space, scalar intimacy and de-institutionalized conditions that supported BMC’s activity in the mid-century were catalysts for a dynamic and reciprocal spatial engagement, a physical dialogue with space. Could today’s embodiment of BMC cultivate this relationship further? Could the space of learning itself become a generative component, an operative medium?


on James Lee Byar's 'World Question Center' :

"'Question' was open because it had not yet received any form; it was a kind of prime matter, or a substance that existed in a realm of potentiality, an indefinite state that had not yet become anything in particular and maybe never would. But any formed object, on the other hand, would have denied all that: if it has already received form it is over, closed, ended; it has slid from the vague cloud of potentiality into a collision with the flat wall of fact that lay hidden behind it. "

— Thomas McEvilley
, Art in America, Nov. 2008